Steps That Restaurants Should Take to Ensure PCI Compliance

August 17, 2017 | By Natasha Miranda

Payment Data Protection

PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is required for any business that accepts credit card payments, hence any restaurant that accepts payment via card should ensure PCI compliance. It’s this compliance, to the recommendations made in PCI DSS 3.6, that helps ensure cardholder data security plus protection against malware.

There are lots of things that need to be done for ensuring PCI compliance– including filling forms, managing employee access, going for PCI SAQ etc. This could drive some restaurateurs crazy. But if you go about it in a systematic way and follow some very basic things, ensuring PCI DSS compliance can turn out to be an easy thing to do. Here’s a look at some basic things that need to be done for restaurants that seek to ensure PCI compliance…

Understand the basics
The first and foremost requirement is this- you need to understand the basics of PCI DSS compliance. There are detailed documents online that could give you a clear idea about the requirements.

Always use unique employee Ids
When many systems and staff members handle card payment, it’s always good that a restaurant ensures usage of unique ids for all employees using POS system(s).

Ensure encryption of data
It has also to be ensured that the whole data that’s transmitted via the POS systems, or stored on the systems, remain encrypted. This would help prevent data breach to a very great extent.

Try working with processors
It’s good trying to work with processors; they offer PCI programs which would help the customer and support the customer all through the process of attaining/ensuring PCI compliance. These processors also help complete the annual PCI SAQ ( Payment Card Industry Self Assessment Questionnaire). The processors may charge a fee, but it definitely is worth it.

Make sure you mark your calendars
PCI compliance, as they say, is an ongoing process. There are lots of things that have to be done all the year round, including protecting customers’data, completing the annual SAQ etc. So it’s always better to mark your calendars, ie, make sure you have noted and hence would remember dates on which important things pertaining to PCI compliance are to be done. Always make it a point to meet the SAQ deadlines.

Remember, PCI compliance is easy, just make sure you’re having the necessary conversations with the processor and have an idea as to what is to be done and how…

PCI DSS Compliance

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