PCI Compliance: Stop Worrying about a Data Breach, with Comodo

December 21, 2016 | By Natasha Miranda

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance initiatives would sometimes make you feel insecure. This because though PCI compliance is in essence highly effective, it’s not that easy to satisfy PCI compliance-related requirements. There are many security professionals whose focus remains mostly on just “checking the boxes” rather than implementing the real and best security solutions that are needed to protect payment card data. It’s not about checking the boxes or just being PCI compliant for the sake of it, it’s all about providing safe and secure transaction environment to the customer.

Comodo provides clients and customers the best of solutions when it comes to satisfying PCI compliance-based needs. On the one hand, organizations can minimize the chances of data breaches while on the other hand customers can carry out card transactions in the securest of manners, with Comodo being in charge of PCI compliance.

Let’s take a look at why Comodo Hackerguardian PCI scanning services stand out as the best of what’s available in the market today…

Comodo HackerGuarian features a highly customizable scheduler that allows clients to timetable scans to run at a time that suits their convenience and preference. The selected type of scan is automatically commenced on the selected devices/IPs/Domains. The scans can be selected to run at a certain time either daily or weekly or monthly or on a custom interval basis, as per the client’s choice. Similarly, Hackerguardian has a streamlined web-based main management interface which provides easy access to all the functions in it. The different functional areas can be accessed with the tabs in the navigation bar at the top and thus the client can add new devices, initiate scans, view reports, schedule scans, modify account and scan settings etc. in simple steps. Comparing Hackerguardian with other PCI scan vendors, the price differential exceeds 50% and Comodo delivers unmatched, verifiable proof of hacker free security to the client’s site.

No wonder Comodo Hackerguardian PCI scanning services, PCI SAQ etc are very much in demand.

PCI Compliance

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