How the Holidays Kill PCI Compliance

December 29, 2016 | By Natasha Miranda


PCI Compliance

Web Security is now an integral part of our day-to-day lives, especially when it’s all getting digitalized in a never-before kind of manner. There are risks associated with whatever we do online. Thus, as we all know, when we are doing commercial transactions online, risks are bound to increase. It’s to minimize such risks that retailers are made to ensure PCI compliance.

Well, coming to PCI compliance, here’s a very interesting aspect of it. As per current statistics, PCI compliance dips during the Christmas holidays every year and it takes some time for the IT guys everywhere to come to know of it and set it right. The reasons? Well, the reasons are obvious. It’s the holidays and people take an off. Companies are mostly short of staff and there are no bug fix releases for the time being. As a result, PCI compliance scores a dip and in the meantime hackings too happen in the retail industry.

Web Security and the Holidays
Web security is to be taken very seriously during the Christmas holidays. This because hackers always try to make use of this season to gain an entry into retailers’ networks and work some mischief. The increased traffic level during the holiday season helps hackers evade detection and also provide them with more data to steal from the networks they get into. In this situation, retailers are bound to deliver safe and secure online shopping experiences to their customers. For this, they have to adopt certain security measures.

Important Web Security Measures That Retailers Should Adopt

PCI compliance– PCI compliance, PCI SAQ etc are things that are of utmost importance to any retailer. All retailers must make sure of PCI compliance, at all times. They could, of course, go for PCI SAQ to evaluate PCI compliance.

SSL encryption/HTTPS– Merchants should always ensure that the websites that they use for e-commerce purposes are secured with SSL certificates. The HTTPS thus obtained on websites would give customers the feel that they are making transactions through a reliable and secure website.

Having firewall protection– Retailers should go for web application firewalls that would help filter and read traffic. Thus it helps block or re-route bad traffic and gives additional security.

Preventing DDoS attacksDDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service) attacks pose a real threat to retail business websites. Adequate security measures should be adopted to prevent such attacks because DDoS attacks lead to website crashing and loss of revenue.

Educating employees– This is also very important. Educating employees on different aspects of security and PCI compliance, training them on how to stay safe against email phishing and other threats and enlightening them on how to handle things if a hack happens are all important things as regards web security for retail businesses.

Future of PCI Compliance

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