Four Vital Features of PCI Compliance Software

August 2, 2017 | By Natasha Miranda

A PCI Compliance Software helps you to follow regulatory rules provided in correspondence to the PCI Standards. Though there are many PCI Compliance Software available in the industry, It is vital to match the and choose the right PCI compliance software in relevance to the business demands. The hackers are getting more smart and sophisticated, hence it is critical and mandatory to be PCI Compliant and secure systems from the malicious criminals.

PCI Compliance Requirements

Following are the prime features to look at while you opt for a PCI solution

1. Proactive Change Management

Pete Lindstrom, research Director for Spire Systems in an interview by Tech Target said that if the you as a user are “creating a change management process because you don’t want anything to change, you are missing the point.” this would tamper the growth of any business. Hence enhancing the security and integrity of the system is vital and also ensure that a File Integrity Monitoring Software is implemented to identify and accept the genuine changes made and exclude the one that malicious.

The Proactive Change Management software can provide the following details
1. From where the change was made
2. From when did the change take place
3. Who made the recent changes
4. How was the change made
5. Details on what the change is all about

2. Auditing Capabilities

During the Audit, organization should be well informed to demonstrate compliance with cumulative audit records maintained or generated by event log management software. The software would permit the users to integrate with other management tools and software. This would enable the companies be it private, public or government agencies to streamline the compliance methods to comply with PCI standards, HIPAA and SOX.

Apart from the integrations, the software should be defined to track and document any critical changes made to the network devices, applications and servers much instantly.

3. Integrated Ticketing

A PCI Compliance Software requires a feature called the integrated ticketing system. The integrated ticketing implements the use of ticket units to instantly initiate genuine changes and validates for approving the restoration.

Compliance software that accommodates integrated ticketing can be integrated with the following vendors:

2. Cherwell
3. Service Now

4. Instant Vendor Change Identification

It would be an added advantage if the software is enabled to identify the genuine changes made. When considering a PCI compliance software for your organization, an automatic vendor change feature would be beneficial as it helps to combine with the cloud-based service to ensure security experts to identify new patches and updates instantly.



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