Steps That Restaurants Should Take to Ensure PCI Compliance

PCI DSS ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is required for any business that accepts credit card payments, hence any restaurant that accepts payment via card should ensure PCI compliance. It’s this compliance, to the recommendations made in…


How SAQ helps to keep your online transactions safe?

What is PCI SAQ? PCI SAQ stands for Payment Card Industry Self-Assessment Questionnaire. As the name suggests, it is a self-assessment questionnaire which helps online merchants to check whether they are PCI compliant or not through a series of credit…


Whatsapp end-to-end encryption: Does it guarantee total security?

It was recently that Whatsapp announced that the turning on of end-to-end encryption of its messages. This meant, for all users of Whatsapp, total privacy as end-to-end encryption meant that messages, photographs or videos, sent between two people could not…

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