Latest Updates about PCI Compliance


Getting Ready for the PCI Compliance Audit

If compliance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is mandatory for any e-commerce venture, PCI audit is also equally important. It’s the PCI compliance audit of the cardholder data environment that demonstrates the PCI DSS compliance…

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PCI DSS: Reduce Card Fraud Risk, Boost Cyber Security

  With countries encouraging digitalization, and with some countries thrusting digitalization on its citizens, the grave importance of cybersecurity, and the increased risk of card fraud is gaining prominence. Festive shopping, wedding season shopping, event shopping, and discount shopping is…

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Small Businesses and Cyber Security Gaps: A Close Look

  There are many small businesses today that don’t care much about PCI compliance, PCI SAQ etc. They believe that things like PCI compliance, SAQ etc are necessary for big businesses only and not needed for them at all. They…